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I guess this place is officially dead. I may start blogging again if I ever have anything more to say other than “I’m tired, I’m still passing and my child is both amazing and infuriating,” but I will probably find a new place to hang my hat. It will probably still be wordpress, because I […]


Thought I would play since I’ve been MIA for so long. 1. Yourself: Tired 2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Non-existent 3. Your hair: New 4. Your mother/stepmother: Awesome 5. Your dog: Messy 6. Your favorite item: Computer 7. Your dream last night: Strange 8. Your favorite drink: Coke 9. Your dream car: Free 10. The room you […]

Recap: I’m back in classes. So far so good. I’ll be back in the hospital with even moreĀ things I’m allowed to do to poor unsuspecting patients shortly. I haven’t had any financial aid issues for once. I recently learned to crochet. I’ve known how to knit since I was a child, but for some reason […]